Mitch Hurwitz, Tim & Eric to Guest Star on ‘Community’


The upcoming season of Community is already set to have plenty of cast changes, and now the show has announced even more big name stars will be seen in the fifth season. Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz, as well as Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, will guest star on the new season, which debuts in January. According to The Wrap, Hurwitz’s character, Preston Koogler, is “Greendale’s ultimate party animal. Women want him, and guys want to be him. But, woe to the administrator who tries to stand between Koogler and good times.” Hurwitz’s casting by returning show runner Dan Harmon is particularly appropriate, as Harmon had a small cameo as a yurt clerk when AD returnd to Netflix last fall. Heidecker and Wareheim, meanwhile, will play characters somehow involved in Dean Pelton’s “grand plans for Greendale.”

The show has already announced that Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks will be joining the show for much of the new season, and John Oliver’s Professor Ian Duncan will be reprising his role as well. Other guest stars this year include Nathan Fillion, Kumail Nanjiani, Rob Corddry, Robert Patrick, Paget Brewster, Walton Goggins, Brie Larson and Katie Leclerc. And a couple weeks ago, musician Ben Folds posted this picture on his Facebook wall, revealing that’s got a bit part in the next season as well.