Vulture’s 100 Most Valuable Stars of 2013

Photo: Photos by Getty

In the second edition of Most Valuable Stars, Vulture once again ranks which actors bring the most financial clout to movies. Can anyone still open a movie in a world in which celebrity box-office appeal is increasingly trumped by CGI spectacle and familiar franchises? Who’s biggest in the ever more important global market? Using data from the last five years, Vulture’s exclusive formula weighs such factors as the stars’ grosses, average Metacritic rating, tabloid popularity, chatter on Twitter, and a special Hollywood value as decided by a group of top studio execs. (Remember: This list ranks stars according to the only metric that really matters in Hollywood – effect on the bottom line – not who’s the best actor.) If you think our priorities are askew (perhaps you believe that awards and reviews matter most?), just use the sliders at left to reprioritize the stats and reveal your own rankings.