Nick Offerman on His Friendship with Sam Elliott


“Getting to meet him was incredibly surreal because he’s someone I admire greatly, and to discover that he was a fan of the show and therefore excited to meet us and work with us was really a bizarre sensation. To me, it would be like Teddy Roosevelt showing up and saying that he liked my work in the legislature. And much to my intense gratification, Sam turned out to be incredibly sweet and classically generous as an actor. He may not have done a lot of television comedy, but he knows how to play scenes. He showed up knowing his stuff and was ready to give and take with the best of us, and he laid us all out with a few lines about almond milk at one point.”

-Nick Offerman talking to The A.V. Club about working with Sam Elliott for tonight’s episode of Parks and Recreation. The A.V. Club also talked to Sam Elliott who had nice stuff to say about Nick Offerman.