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the quote quiz

Can You Guess Famous Friends Lines From Just a Freeze-Frame?

Welcome to Vulture's newest game, the Quote Quiz, where we show you freeze-frames or GIFs from TV shows and movies, and you have to guess the famous quote that was being said at the time. The quiz kicks off with an all-Friends edition, because could that show be any more quotable? (See? Point proven.) The rules are simple: The game works Hangman style: You type in letters to fill in the quote that goes with the picture — but if you get more than three letters wrong, you lose that question. (If you're stuck, click for a hint on the upper-right-hand corner of each picture.) When you're done, share your final score on Twitter and Facebook to see if you're a bigger Ross-and-Rachel-phile than your own friends. On your mark, get set, quote! 

Type the correct answer, hangman style.

Type PLAY to start the game.



You're allowed three wrong
guesses per question.

Tap here and then type the correct answer, hangman style!

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