This Week in Web Videos: ‘The Audition’


Last week, we published the 90th installment of This Week In Web Video’s (formerly called “This Week’s Web Series You Need To Watch”). It follows that this week’s write-up is the 91st installment. That’s 9 away from 100, 100 away from 200, and 800 away from 1,000. Bottom line is, we’ve talked about a lot of great web content here, and there’s a long, wide, impeccably paved road ahead, leading to a whole lot more chatter. This week, I thought it wise to take a step back, so we could collectively appreciate The Audition one of the simplest, most pure pieces of short-form comedy I’ve ever seen – one of the key creative guides I use in choosing content for this column week after week. It existed in a time long before the boom of internet comedy, on HBO’s late-90s comedic masterpiece, Mr. Show, but it will live on in the hearts and minds of comedy nerds everywhere, for as long as we all shall live. As we charge toward our 100th piece and what will hopefully be tens of millions to follow, let us remember that the key to strong, sharable comedy is not kooky special effects, wacky plot lines, or big name actors (yes David Cross and Bob Odenkirk are huge now, but not so much when this first aired). It’s just funny jokes. Plain, simple, and far from easy.