What If Gravity Were a Romantic Comedy?


Gravity has quickly become one of the most successful films of the year, both critically and commercially. Its technical accomplishments have been almost universally praised, as have director Alfonso Cuarón and star Sandra Bullock. But many who love the movie still can't quell one slight feeling of disappointment: They didn't get the Bullock–George Clooney romance that they'd reflexively envisioned when they first heard of their casting long ago. Don't get me wrong, Gravity is great ... and yet, one can't help but think about the possibilities for space banter and zero-gravity smooching. So let's just take a moment to envision an alternate reality in which the film is not a technological marvel, but rather a charming romantic comedy set high in outer space: The following poster and page of dialogue gives you a taste. Houston, we have a meet-cute! 

Photo: Robert Finger