Why T Bone Burnett Left Nashville

Photo: Rick Kern/2013 Rick Kern

Legendary producer and songwriter T Bone Burnett helped provide some of Nashville's bona fides in the show's first season, but he left the show under vague circumstances. Well, not so vague anymore. Burnett tells THR that he loves working with his wife, Callie Khouri, who is the creator and executive producer of the show. "I have no problem working with Callie," he says. "I have a problem when people don't treat Callie right. I like to see artists treated with tremendous respect, and I like the executives to say, 'How can I help you do what you do?' That's what I do." Unfortunately, that was not how ABC apparently approached things. "Some people were making a drama about real musicians' lives, and some were making a soap opera, so there was that confusion," Burnett says. "It was a knockdown, bloody, drag-out fight, every episode. You remember that show The Prisoner? If I were to tell you the truth, you'd think I was insane." Oh, try us, T Bone.