Let’s Remember the Celebrity Couples of 1998


We kick off our weeklong look back at fame in 1998 with a gallery of all the celebrity couples of the time: There's no better way to bring yourself back into a year than with a reminder of all its angst-ridden, mercurial, trendy, perplexing, and since-extinguished red-carpet romances, between big stars, faddish curiosities, or a cross-pollination of the two. As you click through, you’ll immediately recall many of these pairings (Courteney Cox and David Arquette), while others will elicit an “Oh, right — they dated!” (Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler), and others still will remind you of people you haven’t thought of in years (Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra). Note: We excluded celebrities who are still together today, which explains why you won’t see, say, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. And Britney and Justin didn’t step out together until 1999, so you'll just have to make do without any images of his-and-her denim outfits. But onward!