Emma Thompson, Best Roundtable Guest

Actress Emma Thompson arrives at the premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' "Saving Mr. Banks" during AFI FEST 2013 presented by Audi at the Chinese Theatre on November 7, 2013 in Hollywood, California.
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Let's institute a new rule: If you're going to have a panel discussion of some kind, Emma Thompson needs to be included. From THR's prestige-actress roundtable:

Are there roles you won't play?
THOMPSON: Well, apart from the muff shot and things like that — but let's not go there (laughter) — there was a patch of time when I was in my 30s and just started [being offered] a whole string of roles that basically involved saying to a man, "Please don't go and do that brave thing. Don't! No, no, no, no, no!" That's a trope, the stock woman who says, "Don't do the brave thing." I said no to all of them. I'm so proud.

Later, on some of the difficulties facing actresses:

 … My father married my mother [actress Phyllida Law], and my grandmother locked herself in the toilet for a couple of days because "actress" was still synonymous with "whore." Or, as you say here, "ho."

And finally, on what it's like to work with Meryl Streep:

I've snogged her. (Laughter.) And what I learned was, you have to use tongues even if you're not a lesbian.

What, you thought Jennifer Lawrence invented being funny and rad in interviews?