See Once Upon a Time Introduce a Little Mermaid


We knew it was coming. We knew Once Upon a Time was gearing up to introduce their very own version of The Little Mermaid: the redheaded half-fish, half-lady who once wore a seashell bra. On last night's episode, "Ariel," she sea-saved the OUAT heroine from the waters and then proceeded to grow feet. The rules have seemingly changed a bit for this particular Ariel: She gets to grow feet for the night to meet Prince Eric at the Under the Sea Ball (yes, really) and then is fooled by an Evil Queen, who pretends to be Ursula. The story is a bit different, but Ariel's speaking voice (she doesn't sing here) ends up getting stolen. Not to mention, Sebastian the crab has been sadly omitted from the entire tale. We've collected some of the episode's fishiest moments below.