Pharrell Made a 24-Hour Music Video, and It Is Delightful


Your second music-video innovation of the week comes from Pharrell, who went out and made like nine (we're still counting) different music videos for his Despicable Me 2 track "Happy." They are all wound together — with videos from a lot more very happy people, including Magic Johnson, Steve Carrell, and Tyler the Creator — in an interactive video not unlike Christian Marclay's "The Clock": it's 24 hours long; you can start and stop watching it whenever you like; it will teach you something about time and emotions. Our favorite hour so far is 3 p.m., when Pharrell does goofy dance moves in front of a choir, but maybe you will prefer 3 a.m., when Pharrell does goofy dance moves with some animated characters. There is plenty more to like, though — 24 hours' worth.