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paper dolls

Print Out Vulture’s New Girl Paper Dolls

Schmidt might have moved out, but it appears that the New Girl gang will continue to find ways to hang out and play together. And now you can play with them, too, as illustrator Kyle Hilton has created a series of New Girl paper dolls for your enjoyment. Each comes with its own accessories, from a woman’s trench coat for Nick, to a douchebag jar for Schmidt, to a fruity drink for Winston, to a bunny-eared phone for Jess. Print them out and stage a rousing match of True American! Whatever you do, feel free to record the results and tweet them at us here at Vulture, as some of you did with our Downton Abbey and two Girls sets. For all you Winstons, think of this like a puzzle but way easier. (You can see more of Hilton's work over at his website.)

Print out Jess here.

Print out Nick here.

Print out Schmidt here.

Print out Winston here.

Illustrations: Kyle Hilton; Kyle Hilton; Kyle Hilton; Kyle Hilton; Kyle Hilton