Stream Britney Spears’s New Album, Britney Jean


Britney Spears's "very personal" album Britney Jean is streaming on iTunes — all 36 minutes of it (minus the bonus tracks), so you can get in and out in about the time it would take you to watch a Friends rerun with commercials. That's meant to mean that it's breezy and forgettable, with the only standouts being songs you've already heard ("Work Bitch," "Perfume") and the one written by Dr. Luke ("Passenger"). The worst thing you might hear among the ten main album tracks? A song featuring lil' Spears, Jamie Lynn, about drinking red or white wine and walking in the clouds. It's called "Chillin' With You."

(Note: It's always extremely confusing to find streaming albums on iTunes. To find Britney Jean, click here, and then search for Britney Spears in iTunes. Then click on her name to find her artist page, and it should say "Listen Now" right under her new album in the top left.)