Thor Sequel Smashes Weekend Box Office

"Marvel's Thor: The Dark World"..Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and a Kronan... Photo: Jay Maidment/Marvel

Thor: The Dark World won the box office with a staggering $85.8 million domestic haul in its opening weekend. Variety reports that the Marvel sequel made another $158.2 million internationally, a number that far outpaces that $65 million 2011’s original release brought in when it opened. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa remained at number two, making $11 million for the weekend and bringing its three-week domestic total to $78.5 million. Animated darling Free Birds climbed to third with $10.8 million, further proving that all family-centered cartoon films are clear cash cows at this point. Taking its place is Last Vegas, the geriatric Hangover, which made $10.9 million its second week out. Perhaps the most surprising shift to come out of this weekend’s box office is Ender’s Game. Though it opened in the top spot last weekend, the YA adaptation dropped to fifth place, only bringing in $10.3 million this time around.