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All 22 Tom Haverford Business Ideas on Parks and Rec, Ranked by Viability

When Parks and Recreation returns from its long slumber with back-to-back episodes tonight, there's a better than average chance that we’ll hear Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) toss out yet another seemingly outlandish idea for a business he's unlikely ever to start. Yes, the dapper serial entrepreneur already owns a semi-successful teenage clothing rental emporium, but that's not going to stop a guy who lines his shoes with swatches of red carpet so that he can be perpetually walking the red carpet. Here is our entirely arbitrary assessment of the viability of the 22 business ideas he's mentioned on the show so far.

22. Entertainment 720, “Pawnee’s first and only entertainment media conglomerate” [FAILED!]

21. Disco Dairy: Spread the Party, butter with glitter in it

20. Snail Mail, an “escargot delivery service”

19. Yogurt Platinum, “a gourmet alcoholic yogurt”

18. Tommy Fresh, a cologne

17. Sparkle Suds: Dress Loud, laundry detergent with glitter in it

16. A service that allows him to pimp himself out “to hot older ladies”

15. SnakeJuice, a high-end Kahlua-style liqueur billed as “the Connoisseur’s Juice” and created when Tom “mixed a bunch of alcohol together, and some sugar and coffee, and a bunch of other junk, and it kind of tastes like Kahlua”

14. H2H0, “a new brand of bottled water”

13. A tuxedo line for babies

12. Snakehole Lounge, “Pawnee's sickest nightclub” [(PRESUMABLY STILL) OPEN FOR BUSINESS!]

11. Tommy and the Foxx, a raunchy animated series based on the imaginary friendship between Tom and Jamie Foxx

10. Homes constructed inside private jets, for investors who want to "buy a gulfstream G4 jet, take the wheels off, turn the jet into an apartment building”

9. Tom’s Bistro, a nightclub based on the idea that “the word bistro is classy as shit”

8. White fur earmuffs, “for men”

7. A scented phone “that smells good”

6. Club-a-Dub-Dub (or the Clubmarine), “sort of a submarine-themed club”

5. Know Ya Boo, "a dope new game show where I ask couples scandalous questions and they have to guess what the other one answered”

4. VIP department stores, “a department store with a guest list”

3. Rent-a-Swag, “high-end clothes rentals for teens, tweens, and everything in-betweens” [OPEN FOR BUSINESS!]

2. Eclipse, “a nightclub that’s only open for one hour two times a year — cover charge? $5,000”

1. Contact lenses “that display text messages”

Photo: NBC