Watch New Teasers for Sherlock and Orphan Black


While most of the BBC's shows air across the pond before they make their way to America, they generally end up on the Internet somewhere in between. However, we're going to just sit here like good little American TV watchers and enjoy the network's series on the schedule they intended for us. That also means extra time to obsess over every second of these new teasers for Sherlock and Orphan Black.

Over on Sherlock, someone clearly watched that Fallon/Timberlake video and decided hashtags all over the place were the way to go. Fortunately, they’re good ones hyping that (spoiler alert) #Sherlocklives. Look for that and the much-hyped wedding (#Watsonwedding?) when series three returns January 19.

You’ll have to wait a bit longer for Orphan Black. Though the much-anticipated second season doesn’t return until April, it is bringing Sarah back. Leading lady Tatiana Maslany said the very moody teaser precludes the “desperate race to find [Sarah's] missing daughter Kira.” Should be good.