The Original Anchorman, Turned Into Infographics


In the nine years since the original Anchorman came out, the movie's many famous jokes have been quoted, Tumbl'd, and super-cut. But have they been painstakingly interpreted through easy-to-understand infographics? No! This is an oversight! So in honor of tomorrow's opening of the sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Vulture has re-created ten of its predecessor's most iconic moments in charts and graphs. Now you will fully understand the ingredients of Sex Panther, Baxter's trajectory after being kicked off a bridge, weather conditions' effect on milk's appropriateness, and more! Enjoy and stay classy.

Trajectory of things punted off San Diego Bridges Urgency of Various News Stories, according to Ron Burgundy Illumination of 'Anchorman' characters' true loves Refreshment levels of milk in different types of weather Budget breakdown for Ron Burgundy's dream wedding Contents of Ron Burgundy's phone booth History of San Diego's name, according to Ron Burgundy Ingredients in Sex Panther cologne Existence of different jobs, according to the Channel 6 News team What love is, according to Ron Burgundy