Brian Is Coming Back to Family Guy, It Seems

"Miss me? Woof."

Remember when Brian died on Family Guy and they said it wasn't a stunt, but no one really believed them? Yeah, keep on not believing them. Though that Brian announcement site ended up being just a fan site, Entertainment Weekly says he will be back. It's not clear exactly how he'll return, but the logline for the December 15 episode reads, "Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.” Beyond that, Maya Rudolph was cast over a month ago to play a runner whom Brian falls for in an episode scheduled for next fall. Hopefully on the 15th we'll get a sense of what the point was of all of this, beyond publicity (which, to be fair, totally worked) and distracting us from the fact that, like Brian, we too die, but we don’t have an evil genius to bring us back.