Brian Is Still Alive, or Something, on ‘Family Guy’


Surprise! Family Guy didn’t actually kill off one of its main, most popular characters a couple of weeks ago. What many people assumed to be a cynical stunt for ratings turns out to be, well, just that, it seems. It’s not clear how Brian will be brought back into the show, but he’s set to return as soon as the December 15th episode, which has the synopsis “Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.” I wonder what Stewie could want?? And it’s clear that he’ll be back for good, as an episode slated for next fall with guest star Maya Rudolph is set to center around Brian falling for her character, an avid runner. It’s not clear what this will mean for replacement dog Vinny (voiced by Tony Sirico), which the Griffin’s bought to replace the temporarily departed Brian. It’s also not clear whether or not we’ll be tricked into covering Family Guy again with another stunt like this. We’ll see!