Fox Reduces ‘Dads’ First Season to 19 Episodes


It looks like the future of Fox’s new Seth MacFarlane-produced sitcom Dads is not so great after all. According to Deadline, the network has cut the season down to 19 episodes (following a full 22-season order in late October) to make room for Glee come February. It’s an unsurprising move considering Dads’ status as Fox’s lowest-rated freshman sitcom and the target of much critical backlash for its reliance on racial stereotypes and general unfunniness, not to mention the comparative success of Andy Samberg’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Fox’s currently overcrowded lineup. Fox chairman Kevin Reilly stuck up for Dads in October by calling it “an asset that we can grow,” but hopefully that doesn’t mean they plan to “retool” it to death Up All Night-style. A return date for Dads following its February 11th episode has not been set, so Dads fans, enjoy it while you can.