Connie Britton Is Coming to Terms With the Death of the Friday Night Lights Movie

Connie Britton. Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Connie Britton doesn't seem totally over the death of the Friday Night Lights' movie, y'all. (Creator Peter Berg told Collider earlier in the week, "There's not gonna be a movie.") But she's getting there. "Well, listen, it's only what you read," Britton told Vulture yesterday, at the Muse Awards hosted by New York Women in Film and Television. "I haven't talked to Pete directly. There was also a script for it at one time, so I think the good news about it is there really were a lot of very committed thoughts about going forward with it, and people really thought it through carefully and waited. Everyone had a different point of view about it and I think this is the conclusion and it seems like the right one." When we mentioned that Taylor Kitsch had some strong words to say to Vulture about not doing the movie, she said, "I know Taylor, always so full of gratitude. Well, yes, I think the answer has been made because Pete has decided not to do it." Time to let it go, FNL fans.