Rob Huebel Will Star in IFC Pilot ‘American Storage’


Childrens Hospital’s Rob Huebel will star in a new IFC comedy pilot called American Storage, Deadline reports. Based on a 2006 short film starring Steve Carell and David Krumholtz, American Storage follows “the unlikely friendship between a straight-laced employee (newcomer John Karna) at a storage facility and Kurt (Huebel), the eccentric man he discovers living in one of the units like it was an apartment. Kurt steals Internet from next door, pays the lowest rent you could imagine, and basically thinks he’s got life figured out. He’s charming and interesting, and might be a genius or crazy.” That last line is basically the perfect description of every television persona Rob Huebel has had, so hopefully this goes to series and we can watch him go insane in his storage box every week.