South Park Did Another Kanye Spoof


Among the most famous of South Park's many famous episodes has to be "Fishsticks," which posited that Kanye West is actually a gay fish. Kanye even blogged about it, in a not-angry way. So the return of Parody Kanye to South Park is something of an event — though Kanye might be more upset about this one, since the show calls his fiancée a hobbit. Like, the whole scene is based around the idea that Kim is secretly a hobbit and her magical power is Photoshop. Kanye goes around defending her in a Zane Lowe–esque manner. Also, there is a "Bound 2" parody, and a bit about the pope being named Time's Person of the Year, which is just impressive turnaround. That happened yesterday.

Whatever it takes to get Kanye blogging again.