Vulture Asks: What’s Your Secret Binge Show?

Photo: NBC

Some shows are obvious binge-watching candidates: Orange Is the New Black, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24 — no one would be surprised to hear that you just marathon-watched those programs. But every so often, while prowling a dark corner of Netflix or the depths of Hulu or an unobserved portion of Amazon, you succumb to a different kind of madness: the unexpected binge. This phenomenon happens when a seemingly unbingeable show sneaks up on you, and the next thing you know you've watched 40 episodes in five days. For me, right now, that show is Frasier. Yes, Frasier, a show I’d seen almost all of during its original run. Regular Frasier! I have, in a matter of weeks, inhaled 78 episodes of Frasier without meaning to. There are no cliff-hangers, nor is there a particularly propulsive narrative; I have no explanation, other than that Frasier is pretty good. Fess 'up, readers: What's your secret marathon show? My Name Is Earl? Chicago Hope? Brothers & Sisters? Which show far outside the binge-watching canon still managed to suck you in?