Did E! Rip Off ‘Nikki and Sara Live’?


Earlier today, Nikki Glaser sent a sad tweet out to her followers: “So, @ENews blatantly stole a bit from my old MTV show. It feels really shitty.” Glaser included a clip from Nikki and Sara Live, the 2013 talk show she co-hosted with Sara Schaefer, in which a counter dings every time the ladies touch a celebrity on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. It’s a move they dubbed the “gentle arm touch” to make fun of E!’s annoying need to get buddy-buddy with famous people, but it seems like E! may have hijacked this bit for their own gain. So did E! blatantly steal this joke originally made at their expense, or is the gentle arm touch counter ding idea a two-time coincidence? Watch both clips below and decide for yourself: