Seth Meyers Says He’s ‘Two Shows’ Away From Leaving SNL

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

With his reign over Late Night about to begin, Seth Meyers told TheWrap that he’s cutting ties with Saturday Night Live after two more episodes. “I mostly just think it's too hard to try to do two of these things at the same time...The SNL schedule is insane, and it’s probably a little insane that I’ve stayed as long as I have,” Meyers said. The long-time head writer even explained why he’s kept both his gigs so long, despite the demanding hours: “I love it so much, I really have tried to get every last bit out of it. It would have been depressing not to be here for these last three shows.” We expect them to be especially great as "Weekend Update" co-host Cecily Strong takes over the news desk, and a possible new partner. “Cecily comes from that Chicago ensemble world and … she loves playing off of someone, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her with someone else,” Meyers added.