Paul McCartney Can Act Happy to See Anyone


After nearly 50 years as one of the most beloved figures in pop music, Paul McCartney has gotten very good at reacting to people being really happy to see him. At last night's Grammys, he was an unofficial guest of honor, sitting in the front seat with fellow former Beatle Ringo Starr, winning a Grammy, playing a number — and indulging every starstruck celebrity who wanted to come up to him and gush and have their picture taken. And at age 71, McCartney would be well within his rights to grumble or half-ass it, and yet he gives it his all every time. He points with glee at the approaching star! He puts his hand on his chin and listens intently to their theories on popular music as if it isn't something he either thought of himself or has already heard 30 times! He hugs! He selfies! Whether he was being sucked up to by Pharrell, Steven Tyler, Hunter Hayes, or Julia Roberts, he always managed to seem happy to be there. Here are his best backstage moments.