12 Years a Slave Will Be Taught in Schools

Photo: FOX Searchlight

Brought to you by the National School Boards Association and Montel Williams (who previously helped put 1989's Glory in classrooms), 12 Years a Slave will be getting its very own curriculum surrounding Solomon Northup's original book and the Oscar-nominated film. In the NSBA's official announcement, 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen acknowledged that this was always something he'd imagined after bringing Northup's story to light: "Since first reading 12 Years a Slave, it has been my dream that this book be taught in schools. I am immensely grateful to Montel Williams and the National School Boards Association for making this dream a reality and for sharing Solomon Northup’s story with today’s generation." Below, a short clip in which McQueen speaks about the future of teaching 12 Years a Slave: