Adam Sandler to Save Us From Alien Video Games

Kevin James and Adam Sandler, our only hopes. Photo: Toni Passig/Getty

If you could pick any actors to save the world from aliens, who would they be? One caveat: They have to be schlubby. Well, Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and Josh Gad will be those guys! The Wrap reports Adam Sandler is set to star in Pixels, a movie where aliens attack by staging versions of videos games, so four champion gamers are brought on to save the day. Deadline reports James and Gad are in talks to co-star. According to the Wrap, Sandler, who is also producing the film, wanted Jennifer Aniston to play the female lead (presumably the fourth member of the team), but she couldn’t get the schedule to work out. The project is an adaptation of the below short film by Patrick Jean. These aliens are Tetris-ing buildings to the ground! We're doomed, guys.