David O. Russell Bails Out of ABC Show


Ah, the ol' "Use David O. Russell for a month to get us all excited about a new class drama" bait-and-switch. Maybe it wasn't an intentional bait-and-switch, but either way … well-played. The American Hustle director has left The Club just a few weeks after the show was green-lit and simultaneously given a thirteen-episode order. Despite Russell's absence, the show is still set to go to series, and his co-writer/executive producer Susannah Grant is still attached. No reason was given for Russell's departure, but he does have his hands full with that Jennifer Lawrence Miracle Mop biopic. He's not some kind of film and television superhero who can be in two places at once and whose story could be made into a trilogy by Marvel, which would then in turn be directed by none other than David O. Russell. So stop wishing he was.