Ellen Burstyn Joins Natasha Lyonne’s Old Soul Pilot

0000377486-013 Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Based on the speed and trajectory of her comeback, we're sometimes tempted to wonder if Natasha Lyonne mighty have found some sort of magical ring that grants wishes in a cave somewhere. And if so, we wants it. Ellen Burstyn is just the latest exciting name to join Lyonne's NBC pilot Old Soul, in which the Orange is the New Black actress stars as Nadia, a former party girl who now cares for the elderly, including Fred Willard and Rita Moreno. Burstyn joins the Amy Poehler co-written and produced pilot as "Nadia’s aunt Eileen, an earthy lesbian with a New Age bent who has recently survived cancer." Oh come on! This show has everything we would put in our own pilot. Leave a few great ideas for the rest of us.