See a Friday Night Lights Reunion on Parenthood


In an attempt to inform people that it has programming that is not part of the Olympics, NBC is churning out a bunch of webisodes for some of its shows. Did you know that NBC has shows? It has shows! For Parenthood, these webisodes include the reappearance of Friday Night Lights' Crucifictorious, Landry's (Jesse Plemons) band that was "extreme grindcore with heavy thrash influences." (Jason Katims executive produced both shows, hence the crossover.) There are a few cute FNL shootouts in this first installment: Amber (Mae Whitman) calls Landry "Lance," just like Coach Taylor used to, and she appears to be wearing an East Dillon Lions T-shirt. NBC announced earlier this week that Billy Riggins (Derek Philips) would also be making an appearance, but he's not in this video, alas.