A GIF Guide to Beck’s Greatest Dance Moves

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1990: Photo of Beck Photo by Al Pereira/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Photo: Al Pereira

Not only is Beck an accomplished musician, able to successfully create great albums in very diverse styles, Beck is also a great dancer. But not a great dancer like Beyoncé is a great dancer – more like the greatest dancing uncle ever. Live, he shimmies and spins and glides around stage like a stiff and tired James Brown. It's quite a sight to behold! Sadly, Morning Phase, out today, is not one to dance to. It's more like sway-and-cry music. Here's a look back at Beck's best moves. Put on your dancing shoes, play "Timebomb," and groove the night away. 

The "I Don't Know How to Dance"
When in doubt, just jump up and down. Maybe you'll accidentally figure something out. 

The "Stop, Breakdance, and Roll"
The most effective way to put out a '90s fire.

The "Confused Running Man"
When you want to run, but don’t want to go anywhere – like a loser. 

The "Mini Body Wave"
Not really surfable, but totes boogie-board-ready.

The "Look at This Starfish"
The trick is the starfish does most the work. You just got to hold on.

The "Your Mom Is Watching"
Quick, comb you hair. You don’t want to get a text message from your mom in all caps with no spaces or punctuation saying, "WHOLETYOUGOONTVLOOKINGLIKETHATYOURFATHER."

The "It's Too Damn Hot for This"
Helps to have weirdly short sleeves underneath.

The "Playing Invisible Baby Drums"
The trick is to imagine the baby crying in the corner because you stole her drums.

The "You're the Only White Guy Here — Don't Embarrass Yourself"
One shuffle-step, a few claps, and then go back to your business.

The "Hologram Robot"
Sure, it might be hard to become a hologram, but after that, it's smooth sailing.