Sad News: Videogum Is Shutting Down


Earlier today, Videogum senior editor (and Splitsider’s very first intern!) Kelly Conaboy broke some sad news in an article titled “Hey Guys, We Have To Talk To You About Something.” Though the reason for the change is unclear, Videogum is no longer being run by SPINMedia – the company behind Stereogum, The Frisky, and Spin Magazine’s online venue SPIN – and will cease its usual operations after Kelly’s last official day this Friday. It’s possible that Stereogum editor Scott Lapatine might try “keeping Videogum online in some form,” but Conaboy’s departure doesn’t paint a very bright picture for the site, which has amassed a huge commenting community thanks to the witty banter and comedy/pop culture coverage from talents like Conaboy, Gabe Liedman, and original editors Gabe Delahaye and Lindsay Robertson. To say the least, we’re bummed to hear this news and wish Kelly and company the best bouncing back from what sounds like a crummy corporate-mandated situation, and for those who have enjoyed the Videogum crew’s work over the past six years, be sure to visit the site this week, where Conaboy will be republishing all her favorite articles since the site’s inception. She’s taking requests too, so comment/request/reminisce/profusely thank them while you still can.