Meet 7 Artists Showing at the Last Whitney Biennial on Madison

Photo: Dean Kaufman Photo: Dean Kaufman/New York Magazine

These artists will engage with the old Whitney building as they close it down.

The character of Donelle Woolford (fictionally b. 1980; above left) was created by the middle-aged white artist Joe Scanlan and is embodied by the actress Jennifer Kidwell. Wearing man-drag, she’ll reenact a 1977 stand-up routine by Richard Pryor.

Kevin Beasley (b. 1985; above center) will embed microphones in wicked-looking objects, capturing reactions and then playing them back to museumgoers, so they can hear themselves see.

Darren Bader (b. 1978; above right) will set up a pair of donation boxes: one soliciting money for a charity, another promising to destroy whatever money is placed into it.

Photo: Dean Kaufman Photo: Dean Kaufman

Ei Arakawa (b. 1977) and Carissa Rodriguez (b. 1970) will include a Cartier clock, custom-made for Franklin Roosevelt, in their show of sculptural “islands” that are meant to evoke Manhattan, Hawaii, and Kauai. Look for it.

Photo: Dean Kaufman Photo: Dean Kaufman

Emily Sundblad (b. 1977) is planning to broadcast her Piaf-ish singing voice live into the museum as a performance piece.

Photo: Dean Kaufman Photo: Dean Kaufman

Sara Greenberger Rafferty (b. 1978) will show video of an actress enacting the mannerisms and gestures of late-night talk-show hosts.

*This article appeared in the February 24, 2014 issue of New York Magazine.