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The Shining, Golden Girls, and Other Fan-Made Pop-Culture LEGO Sets

The LEGO Movie, which opens this weekend, stars LEGO Batman, LEGO Superman, LEGO Wonder Woman, and LEGO Green Lantern. Past LEGO sets have re-created The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the Harry Potter movies, and many other franchises. But true LEGO fans don't sit around waiting for the Danish company to get around to adapting their favorite movies or characters into toys: These LEGO fiends often custom build their own sets, hand-painting minifigs (that's LEGO people, to the uninitiated) and re-creating famous pop-culture buildings, landscapes, and vehicles to turn their favorite blockbusters into blocks. (Sometimes LEGO even turns these inspired fan-made creations into actual sets: see the now-official Ghostbusters and The Simpsons sets, and the Back to the Future DeLorean.) Delve into the online world of LEGO heads and you might find a few fascinating creations — some just proudly displayed, some for sale at Etsy. Here's a selection of the best.

Does cheesecake made from LEGO taste as good as the real thing? You'll have to create this Golden Girls set to find out.

via misterr

Minifig Vin Diesel? Still bald in this Fast and the Furious mod.

via Dambaek

The hats and the sax are totally custom in this Blues Brothers set.

via Ayliffe

A mod version of The Shining has everything down: from the patterned hallway carpet to Shelley Duvall's terrified face.

This incredible LEGO Walter White? You can buy it on Etsy.

In case it was unclear, this is Frasier. Yep, Frasier. Just missing LEGO tossed salad and LEGO scrambled eggs.

E.T., phone home! Gertie got into the LEGO set, again.

There Will Be Blood! There also will be a full There Will Be Blood cast of minifigs.

This Home Alone set has everything you need: flamethrower, tarantula, crowbar, and a lovely cheese pizza (just for me).

Ron Burgundy's signature suit even looks good in LEGO.

In case you were wondering, the Fonz's LEGO locks look fantastic in this Happy Days set. Tough to tell whether that's LEGO Arnold or LEGO Al at the restaurant door, though.

There's something about a LEGO King Joffrey from Game of Thrones that really accentuates his young age ...

Never thought I'd see a Judge Judy LEGO minifig, but life surprises you sometimes.

Even the photos of this Evil Dead LEGO set are perfectly cinematic (and creepy!).

These Walking Dead zombie hunters come complete with universal sadness (look at those frowns!).

This bricked Wall-E still manages to emote.

LEGO CUUSOO creator DarthKy has created the entire X-Men mansion, but Doctor Hank McCoy's lab has "a bar [that] hangs down from the ceiling so that the Beast can perform his iconic pose of 'sciencing inverted.'" Whoa.

via DarthKy

Road trip! This set includes the Griswolds' National Lampoon's Vacation Family Truckster, complete with Aunt Edna bagged up on the roof. LEGO Dinky the dog was already gone by this point; he could only keep up for so long.

It could use a little more blood, but this American Psycho set definitely has the cigar.

Ah yes, the pivotal scene in The Hunger Games where Katniss disguises Peeta and hides him in a cave. But ... in LEGO.

via kkhancpa
Photo-Illustration: Maya Robinson