Max Silvestri Is Co-Hosting a Comedic Cooking Show for the FYI Network


A+E’s lifestyle network Bio is relaunching under the name FYI, and standup Max Silvestri will be one of the revamped channel’s new faces. According to THR, Silvestri has joined Top Chef’s Gail Simmons and The Taste’s Marcus Samuelsson as hosts of FYI’s new series called The Feed, a “food comedy road show” that will help inject more humor into the world of food and cooking shows.

“It’s time for lifestyle to show that is can have a sense of humor,” A+E president Jana Bennett said. “There’s a lot of comedy in life, and yet the old-fashioned instructional lifestyles shows didn’t leave a lot of room for humor.” While Silvestri is the only comedian host of The Feed, he’s certainly no stranger to meshing the worlds of food and funny, having written reality cooking show recaps for Grantland and Eater. For more info on Silvestri, check out our interview with him from last year.