Michelle Obama to Guest Star on ‘Parks and Rec’


Michelle Obama is set to make her sitcom debut. THR reports that the first lady is set to cameo in Parks and Recreation’s one-hour season finale, titled “Moving Up,” which was filmed recently and will air Thursday, April 24th. Obama shot her cameo in Miami, where she was working to raise money to fight childhood obesity. Past political figures to land on Parks and Rec include Joe Biden, John McCain, and Barbara Boxer.

Parks’s showrunner/co-creator Mike Schur told THR that his dream political guest star is Leslie Knope’s idol, Hillary Clinton:

“I always imagined the perfect ending to the series — and I hope it’s not for a while — would be a casual piece of B-roll where Leslie is walking through a building in Washington, D.C., and passes Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton says, ‘Leslie.’ Leslie says, ‘Secretary Clinton,’ and keeps walking”