Phil Lord and Chris Miller Are Down for a ‘Clone High’ Movie


When Will Forte fielded Reddit AMA questions back in December, he addressed the idea of a reunion of the short-lived animated MTV series Clone High, saying “I hope one day we’ll get another crack at Clone High so we can answer these unresolved questions. I loved that show and thought it ended too soon!” Now, Clone High co-creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller have added to that sentiment in a recent interview with Grantland:

Would you ever consider doing a [Clone High] movie?Lord: We’ve been talking about it a little bit. We would just have to convince Viacom that it was worth reopening that world.Miller: What’s crazy is, we’re doing this movie 22 Jump Street — the cleverly titled sequel to 21 Jump Street — and there’s a lot of jokes that we ripped off straight from Clone High. It’s kind of like, “Oh, man, are these all the tricks we’ve got in our handbag?”Lord: We really don’t have any ideas. It’s all out there. You can murder us and it’ll be fine.Miller: The Lego Movie — which, by the way, is in theaters February 7 — has [Lego] Abraham Lincoln, played by Will Forte.Lord: Do people even … like, your editors at Grantland, you were like, I wanna do something about Clone High, and they were like, “What?”My editor was extremely supportive!Lord: I hope you get us a second season. Our entire career has just been about …Miller: … getting Clone High back on the air.Lord: It’s all been a super-long pitch to Viacom to get it back on the air. I hope this article gets picked up a bunch of places. I hope people link to it. I hope people tweeter about it. I hope that you make our dreams come true.