This Week In Web Videos: ‘Movie Title Breakup’


Going viral. Everyone wants to do it, but few people deserve to. I’m not saying that there’s not a lot of funny stuff floating around the Internet, because there is. But busting through that elusive barrier that separates the very funny metropolitan-centric cringe humor video sure to get 10,000 views and the “Why didn’t I think of that?” universally relatable, instantly understandable, blow up your Facebook feed video that’s sure to get in the hundreds of thousands or millions? That’s like catching lightning in a bottle. This week, sketch group POYKPAC Comedy has done it with one of the most brilliantly obvious concepts. In their Movie Title Breakup, two people break up while out to dinner, using only movie titles to communicate. It’s a near 4-minute-long marvel of share bait that anyone who has ever seen a movie (or knows what a movie is) is guaranteed to love. Most importantly, sharing it makes you feel like you’re breaking some fantastic piece of news, some cutting edge cultural phenomenon. It’s so different and cool that it makes you want to take a little bit of undeserved credit for discovering it when passing it on to your mom, girlfriend, boss, whoever. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS. IS. VIRAL. And I’m JEEEAAAAAALLLLLOUS.