Topher Grace Just Launched a Blog Called Cereal Prize

Photo: Mike Windle/Getty Images

So, what’s up with Topher Grace? Well, apparently, he has been working on a blog, which means that Grace is now officially one of us. Discussing, his new home on the internet, in an interview with The Wrap, the former That ’70s Show star said that the site amounts to, “Hey, come to my room every day and hang out, and I’ll have something cool to share.” The blog was inspired by a project Grace took on two years ago, when he decided to re-cut the entirety of the Star Wars prequel trilogy into a 85-minute film. He presents his latest editing project for Cereal Prize’s launch: a re-cut of all the non-porn porn-movie scenes in P.T. Anderson’s Boogie Nights. Otherwise, the blog will “offer one post per day,” he says, and the content with fall across a slew of categories, including “Great Shit,” “Funny Shit,” and “Self-Centered Shit.”