Conan O’Brien’s Best Non-Talk Show Hosting Moments


Last night, Conan O’Brien announced that he’s set to host the MTV Movie Awards next month. While this is surprisingly the first time O’Brien has been hired to host the MTV awards show, he’s certainly no stranger to bringing a consistently funny and delightfully weird performance to all of his hosting gigs, from his time on Late Night, The Tonight Show, and Conan to a slew of host and guest speaker spots he’s had since the mid-’90s. To anticipate what’s sure to be an entertaining MTV Movie Awards come April 13th, here’s a look at some of Conan’s best non-talk show hosting moments, from the earliest to most recent.

1995 White House Correspondents Dinner

2000 Harvard Commencement Address

Opening Sketch for the 2002 Emmys

Opening Monologue at the 2002 Emmys

Conan Tests the Director at the 2002 Emmys

Conan Plays “Aqualung” at the 2002 Emmys

“That’s Entertainment” at the 2003 Emmys

Opening Sketch for the 2006 Emmys

Opening Monologue at the 2006 Emmys

Conan Solves the Time Limit Problem at the 2006 Emmys

2011 Dartmouth Commencement Address

2013 White House Correspondents Dinner