Watch Jimmy Fallon Get Arnold Schwarzenegger to Say ‘Get to the Choppa’ Over and Over


Remember the internet around the turn of the millennium, when everyone was halfheartedly prank-calling their friends using Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards? In the three years since leaving the governorship of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has turned into a human Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard, spouting off his famous quotes anywhere that has a camera he can wink into. On last night's Tonight Show, the quote de la nuit was “Get to the choppa!” from Predator. Jimmy Fallon played a QVC host hawking a blender and a Smart Chop, and Schwarzenegger felt he was spending too much time on the blender, so he said the catchphrase over and over. You might think that's kind of a long walk, but at least it wasn't a scene at a seaside Italian restaurant where Arnold and Jimmy played a couple arguing if the view or the food was better: "Pasta!" "La vista, baby!" "Pasta!" "La vista, baby!" "Pasta!" "La vista, baby!"