Must-Watch: Justin Bieber’s Deposition Video


Fair warning: This is a must-watch in the negative sense; this is not an uplifting, the Children Are Our Future way to start your week. But imagine the brattiest possible video of Justin Bieber being interviewed by lawyers, then triple it, and you will have the below outtakes from a deposition in a recent paparazzo suit. Some highlights: Justin wagging his finger and yelling "Don't ask me about her" (the her being Selena Gomez, who was probably relevant because of this incident); Justin using the court video camera to adjust his collar; Justin interrupting a video segment to ask "Is this a film?" like seven times; Justin misusing (but not really?) the word detrimental. To be fair, the lawyers are also being major assholes — that is always true in deposition videos — but Bieber is on a King Joffrey level here. It is astounding.

Here is the Selena bit (he storms off at the end!):

And here is the vocabulary blooper: