Lego Is Releasing a Bunch of ‘Simpsons’ Minifigures


Lego announced via Facebook today that they’re releasing a new series of The Simpsons minifigures to coincide with a Lego-centric episode of the show that’s set to air May 4th. The 16-piece series of minifigures includes the five members of the Simpsons clan, Mr. Burns, Chief Wiggum, Ralph Wiggum, Krusty the Clown, Milhouse, Nelson, Apu, Grampa Simpson, Itchy & Scratchy, and Flanders. The minifigures will be available for $3.99 each and will be released in early May sometime around the Lego Simpsons episode. The Simpsons’ Lego episode, entitled “Brick Like Me,” is the 550th episode of the show, and it follows Homer waking up in a world where everyone and everything in Springfield is made of Legos and he has to escape back to reality.

Check out some photos of the Simpsons Lego series below: