Lindsay Lohan to Guest on Two Broke Girls

PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 20: Actress Lindsay Lohan attends Lindsay Lohan Press Conference at Social Film Loft during the 2014 Park City on January 20, 2014 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images) Photo: Andrew H. Walker/2014 Getty Images

Because we as a society are completely invested in her professional success, Lindsay Lohan will guest star on an upcoming episode of CBS' 2 Broke Girls a little over a month after we start learning all her intimate personal secrets. Lohan will apparently play a bride-to-be who orders a wedding cake from Max and Caroline, though the ladies soon discover that "Lohan's character has trouble making decisions." Great! Let's do this. We're going all in on this once again, and will go all in every subsequent time until we make Lindsay's career a reality. Go team!