More Kitten Sports on the Way

**Embargoed til 2/5/2013** NEW YORK CITY, NY - NOVEMBER 11: Kittens play on the halftime set at the taping of Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl IX" program in New York City, NY on November 11, 2012. The mock football game will air as counter programming to the actual superbowl. On the internet, puppy bowl has been a huge sensation and now in it's 9th year. The puppies used in the show are from shelters and rescue organizations from across the country. The kittens in the half time show came from a shelter located in New York City. (Photo by Linda Davidson / The Washington Post) Photo: Linda Davidson/The Washington Post

The Hallmark Channel is expanding its cat-sport offerings beyond the Kitten Bowl to include a baseball-oriented "Kitten Paw-Star Game" in 2015. (No way to turn it around in time for 2014, apparently; maybe filming kitten specials is more laborious than it seems.) According to Hallmark, "The baseball competition will consist of hurdles, jumps, toys on tracks, lures, homerun derbies and toys on string." The adoptable kittens will also be "challenged to swat balls, catch line drives and run the bases." Is someone doing a kitten World Cup this summer? Someone should.