The 18 Most Annoying Real World Housemates Ever


After 29 seasons and counting, The Real World (which was eliminated from the Reality Rumble in today's semifinals), is one of the most influential reality shows ever. And with its valiant exit, we celebrate its most defining legacy: the Annoying Cast Member. Like scripted shows, reality needs drama, and shrewd casting can make sure that every show or competition has at least one explosive, irrational force around to make sure complacency and boredom can never set root. To make the list of The Real World's most annoying housemates ever, the candidate had to have first appeared on that iconic show, even if his or her worst behavior didn't flower until a Challenge. And note that I am not a monster: In rewatching past seasons as an older, more compassionate Real World expert, I understand that some of these oft-scorned villains (a) were just drunk, young, and dumb, and likely have grown out of it, or (b) may well have legitimate psychological issues stemming from childhood or past traumas, and needed therapy more than a slap in the head. That said, many of the others just are what they are, and are likely still out there, driving people nuts off-camera. But whether they had excuses or not, the following 18 MVP former housemates distinguished themselves by creating chaos, agony, or just teeth-grinding irritation in the most spectacular way.