Nurse Jackie Renewed for 7th Season

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Showtime

Showtime has renewed Nurse Jackie for a seventh season, the network announced today. Jackie's sixth season starts April 13, so this is a pretty early renewal by Showtime standards. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Peter Facinelli will not be a regular on season seven, which is probably a good thing, since his character, Dr. Cooper, is the worst, both in the sense that all the characters dislike him and also the fact that his presence does not help the story arc of the show. There's a lot to love about Nurse Jackie, namely Edie Falco Jackie, Merritt Wever's fantastic Zoey, and Adam Ferrara as Jackie's down-to-earth cop boyfriend. But then the show goes to loopy town with Anna Deavere Smith's Dr. Akalitus and Facinelli's Coop, and it's like a humanely explored story about a recovering addict is suddenly a weird slapstick comedy about morons.