See a Teaser for the 3-D Peanuts Movie


Here's your first look at the 3-D-ified Charlie Brown and Snoopy in the upcoming Peanuts movie. If you were wondering whether this incarnation of Charlie Brown would have a photorealistic tuft of hair, the answer is a revolting yes! The movie, directed by Ice Age: Continental Drift's Steve Martino, is scheduled to open in fall 2015, so there's plenty of time to fret about how the dance-gesture-lines will work, the exact sorts of particulates that will surround Pig-Pen, and if Woodstock will have super-textured feathers or what. Even more distressing than the kind-of-gross hair wisp, though, is the teaser's use of a record-scratch sound effect. That's the territory of a Chipmunks "squeakquel," or some Smurf nonsense, or a Kevin James movie. A record scratch is a bad, bad sign.